Zoza Cab! The First Ride-Hailing Company With No Starting Fee.

Most preferred for short and medium-distance trips with advanced safety features

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Zoza Cab is a tech company that introduces innovative concepts to the Ethiopian market. We are revolutionizing transportation in Addis Ababa with our modern, dependable, and affordable transportation services. 

We use innovative ideas and technologies to enhance your travel experience, with real-time tracking, transparent pricing, and increased safety measures. Our dedication to customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with our aim to modernize transportation in Addis Ababa and contribute to the city’s growth.


Ride On-Demand

No Starting Fee

We believe in fair and transparent pricing. Unlike other companies, we do not charge a starting fee, making us more affordable and budget- friendly.

Fixed Price per kilometer

We provide a fixed price per kilometer, with 25 birr per kilometer pricing.

Student Service

Real-Time Tracking

Stay connected with your child’s Travel status from the comfort of your home. Our school buses are equipped with advanced technology that allows you to monitor your child’s journey in real time. And you will get Notified by SMS every time your kid board oe leaves the vehicel.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Our mini-buses are equipped with fully first aid kits, and each vehicle has a dedicated nurse on board to ensure the well-being of your child.

Comfort and Convenience

With Zoza Cab’s school bus service, there will be no overloading, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey for your child.

Work with us

Work with us and earn a steady income!
Without worrying whether your car left the city or not
From 12:30 in the morning to 3:00 in the evening
With your own driver



Jakros Salite-mihret road, Addis Ababa
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